True innovation comes from partnerships
between creative disciplines.

Born out of more than 40 years of experience and the belief that there is an ever-increasing need for creative solutions, The Art Team is a purpose-built collective for artists and creatives from all fields.


The art of Making Art

From our studio in Paris, we build a structure that enables us to work behind the scenes in the art world to provide curated solutions for artists, architects, designers and art lovers.

Art Direction

Production & Prototyping

We have learnt how crucial research and experimentation are to the invention of new artistic discourses. Prototyping is key when exploring and constructing creative visions. That is why our experts maintain a constant dialogue with the artist, starting at the original concept all the way through engineering, production and installation. From our international platform, we combine the latest technologies with more traditional techniques.

Architecture & Urban Spaces

Art is a vital experience that, when integrated to architecture and urban spaces, becomes a process of appropriation and identity. Art transforms buildings and spaces into monuments and iconic landmarks. It is our aim to have an active role in this process by not only identifying groundbreaking opportunities but also by participating in their development and execution, providing our extensive knowhow in the field.

Art Direction

As part of our commitment for the advancement of innovation in the artistic scene, the Art Team creates, develops and associates with game-changing programs and projects. We know the power of collaboration , which is why we have gathered a team of project managers and communication experts in order to join forces with the current and future torchbearers of the art world.

Documentation Center

Our Documentation Centre provides full assistance to curators, investigators, journalists, editors, students and art historians interested in Kinetic and Concrete Art from the 1960’s until today. It includes two sections: a photo archive and a library (13,000 books, catalogues, posters…)

I could never have made all those works on my own. I need a team in which each member performs a very specific task that contributes something to the final assembly. All of this with the same purpose: to preserve my freedom and enable me to fully dedicate to invention.
Carlos Cruz-Diez

We believe in the power of collaboration

The Art Team collaborates with, and supports all type of artists through our network of specialists, who provide curated solutions in the fields of art direction, logistics, and the production of works of art.

We rely on a communications team, a documentation center and highly skilled experts trained on the latest technologies.

As part of our ongoing mission to support the creative community, we are also an entrepreneurial organization that promotes art, creativity and innovation beyond the confines of conventional frameworks.

Carlos Cruz-Diez Jr. Director
Fabiana Cruz General Manager
Mariana Cruz Project Manager
Silviana Cruz Writer
Angelica Giraldo Project Manager
Noel Teale CIO / Special Projects
Hayat Abdellatif Communications Manager
Charlotte Renard Personal Assistant
Elena Calagna Studio Manager
Edgar Cherubini Journalist
Mariana Thome Restoration & Special Projects
Cynthia Lukaszewicz Production & Prototypes
Lisa Preud'homme Iconographer & Photographer
Wendy Virgile Digital Printing & Graphic Design
Beatriz Ciliberto Video Art Director
Marcelo Urbina Architect
Mahaut Fauquet Community Manager
Benjamin Busch Archivist
Gabriel Benitez Arria Production Assistant
Chloé Paulin Production Assistant
Cléophée Liger Production Assistant